I want to learn how to take pictures.

It’s been on my ever-increasing list of things I want to learn for a while, but I started using Instagram a bit more recently because Twitter Locked my account 😒, and seeing all of the cool photography accounts made me want to figure out how to take nice pictures.

And of course, what better time to get the urge to learn photography than in the week of my Oxford Admissions Test? (Which, by the way, went horribly haha. 😂😢😢)

I figured I’d try some portrait photography.

These are all far from perfect, but I learnt a lot from shooting them, so hopefully, I’ll soon be able to reach some level of basic competence in photography. 😜

A lot of these are really grainy, which is a bit annoying. I used a Canon 60D, and even at an ISO of 400, the pictures seem to come out very grainy. I need to find a way to take nice pictures in low-light conditions.

One thing that I learnt is not to trust the camera screen. The images look great on there, but then when I open them on my computer, there is a ridiculous amount of noise.

I need to figure out how to use the wireless flashes which my brother left behind. I guess the noise would be far less of a problem if I could use them to have proper lighting.

I also kind of messed up some of the editing. After looking at a picture for too long, you kind of loose perception of which colours are normal, so the skin tones in a lot of these are really off.

I watched a few YouTube videos and it seems like there isn’t much I can do to reduce noise without a full-frame camera, which I can’t afford.

If I find any way to reduce the amount of noise in these images, I’ll make a follow-up post to share it, although nobody is actually going to read this post haha.

If anyone is reading this, thanks, and wish me luck with trying to get better at this 😜.

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